You are the dual goddess Zorya, also known as the Aurora sisters. You represent both the Morning and Evening Stars, thus your dual nature that signals both night and day. Horos, the god of the moon, is your eternal mate, and Svarog, the sun god,  your beloved Father.

When darkness fell onto the world, you made a choice. You left your post in the heavens and you fell down to Thea.  With the little light that you held within your bosom, you kept a small group of people alive during the Age of Darkness. The Awakening came just in time, as your strength was wearing down fast, and only a few of your followers stayed alive to see the sun rise up.

Many would presume that together with Horos your powers only grew during the long night, but they know nothing. The darkness that devoured the world for a hundred cycles, swallowed up the stars, the sun and the moon. And worst yet, your sacred duty to guard the hound Simargl, chained to the polar star, was disturbed. Did the Hound escape his leash and devour the world as was his fate? Did someone catch him and imprison him once more so that the sun and stars returned? Or is he still running amok, threatening to destroy Thea?

You do not know the answer to these questions, but one thing is for sure: you have failed your duty to guard the hound, but you must not fail in guiding this small group of humans towards their salvation and the restoration of balance for both men and gods…

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