You are the god of sun and heavenly fire, the bringer of light and power. Since Perun disappeared, you answer only to your brother Veles and the Mother, Mokosh. Your fire burns strong and thus you have fathered many of gods who now sit beside you. But, amongst them all you cherish Zorya the most, and shower her with all kinds of favours, despite her questionable choice for a mate…

You were the god of sun, the bringer of light and fire… and then Darkness swallowed you up whole! You awoke weak and drained, and like many others, you were faced with a decision: Go up to the skies and abandon Thea, or stay and fight. There was, of course, no choice. The fire within you diminished, the light dwindled and crippled, but there has yet to come a time when the Sun god Svarog turns away from a fight!

Mustering up all the strength remaining within you, and aided by your loyal brother Veles, the two of you cut a gash in the darkness, and allowed for a small enclave of people to survive… With time, the gash weakened, and your small kingdom was once more dying in front of your eyes. With only a handful of people left standing, you were prepared to once more try to force the darkness away, an effort that was going to kill you, but then your beloved sun returned!

Your followers think it was your doing, and so they should, but it was not. Now you must strengthen what is left of your believers, and you must find the truth and try to restore full balance, lest the darkness returns!

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