You are the supreme goddess of life, birth and nature, Mother Earth is a name given to you by most. Your domain lies with water, as symbol of life on Thea. Your partner is Perun, the supreme god of thunder and the skies, but he vanished even before the great Darkness fell. So the burden of stewarding the younger gods falls into your lap. When the cursed black mist swallowed up your bellowed Thea and shrouded it in death and despair, your very being shattered into smithereens! All you could see was darkness and all you could feel was the pain and fear of all your beloved living creatures that perished within months….

But then, not long ago, you heard a thunder strike the ground and you woke from your painful slumber. If Perun is alive, he could hold the answers to what happened and better yet, he could help you rebuild Thea! And so you awakened, weak and frail, but ready to fight once more to protect your beloved Thea and all that lives within its bounds. You sensed that even in your dormant state, your power shielded a small group of humans, and now you must guide them to a rebirth so that they can help you find your mate…

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