You are the lord of the Night and the master of the Moon phases. You control the tides and give light when the sun is away. Once, both sun and moon belonged to Svarog, but Perun and Mokosh, the supreme gods, gifted you with the Moon as they saw your potential. The god of the sun has never quite forgiven you and his daughter, Zorya, choosing you as a mate did not help matters. Thus the rivalry of the sun and moon became almost a game…

But then the Darkness came. It struck like lightning and swallowed all light, even the moon. You were once the patron of the creatures of the night, Strigas and Wolf people paid you respect, lunar beasts howled in your name… And so many blame you for the cursed night and assume that you thrived as your followers swarmed the earth. But these are mere lies and ignorant tale tales! Many of your followers died just the same as the day walkers, unable to feed. Others yet, have abandoned your side and now serve some other force, one that has stolen your place as the master of night!
You will not stand for this! You will guide the few survivors of mankind that were able to live by your side in the darkness and together you shall reclaim the night!

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Thea: The Awakening Releases on XBox one and PS4

We are proud to announce that after considerable effort we are ready to release Thea: The Awakening on PS4 and XBox One. We’ve spent a lot of time converting the controls from the PC version into something that can be played easily with a pad and no cursor in sight.

Got a PS4 Pro? Thea runs beautifully crisp in full 4k at 60fps.

Available from 31st May, we hope you enjoy this unique strategy game.

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