Stuntman Eddie

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    Do you have what it takes to become the greatest stuntman ever?
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Our first foray in to the mobile market! Entertain the crowd with amazing bike stunts and tricks, take advice from Eddie’s Mentor, and be guided by his Promoter as Eddie makes his way in the Stuntman world!


  • Career/Story – Start in the Forest, then head to the Beach, before making your way to the Big City on route to the Snow Capped Mountains!
  • Tier Challenge – Play 5 jumps in a row to claim a trophy (Single player). Steel the trophies from your friends by beating their scores (Multiplayer – Facebook and Game Centre enabled). The Tier Challenges require you to use the bike of that tier e.g. the Moped for Tier 1.
  • Daily Challenge – Each day you are given a challenging jump to complete in the Stadium, complete one every day for increased rewards!
  • Custom Challenge – Create your own jumps in the Stadium and show off on the main leaderboard!


  • Daily rewards for playing the game on consecutive days
  • 4 Environments… Over 100 levels! Snow Capped Mountain levels coming soon.
  • 8 Bikes which can all be individually upgraded (Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight)
  • 10 Stunts (Back Flip, Forward Rotation, Coffin unlocked from start). 7 additional stunts to purchase
  • 6 ‘jump’ Power Ups to purchase including a Rocket and a Parachute
  • Game Center Challenges
  • 50+ Game Center Achievements to earn
  • Facebook and Game Center leaderboards
  • Share your jump replays on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter!

Out now on iOS and Android. Check out our Stuntman Eddie community page on Facebook.

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