Stuntman Eddie: Week 47

Stats: 45 Scenes, 2227 Files

Final bug testing and tweaks we feel we are ready to release this game. Team members have remarked that they are really enjoying playing it, more so than any game they’ve made in the past, so we hope you do too! No new features this week just small improvements, optimizations and some clean up.

Stuntman Eddie: Week 46

Stats: 45 Scenes, 2281 Files

Finally we are now happy with the initial 45 levels, rewards and unlocks so can stop resetting our progress every build and start testing the last 50 levels and associated progression. At this point in the game we’ve given the user several hours of playtime so to aid our testing we purchase the coin doubler and double petrol tank, that’s it though nothing else. So if you didn’t want to buy those it would just take you twice as long to play.

We’ve found that playing challenges really helps your coin balance and increases the fun, plus hopefully it helps the spread of the game! To make re-challenging users on Facebook easier we’ve added a dialogue when you beat a challenge instead of a small popup. We also made the rewards interface when 3 staring levels easier to understand.

Stuntman Eddie: Week 45

Stats: 45 Scenes, 2208 Files

We’ve lost count how many times everyone on the team has reset their progress and played through to half way through the beach levels. Every new build we reset progress and start from scratch, sit through adverts to earn fuel and play without cheats or purchasing any in app purchases, so hopefully we have the balance between trying to earn money and having a fun ‘free’ game right.

One final last change to the backgrounds and plenty of bug fixes. We have also added an in app purchase to unlock all stunts for those of you who just don’t want to play through to the end of the game to unlock them all.

Stuntman Eddie: Week 44

Stats: 45 Scenes, 2197 Files

The best change yet, we’ve added a dial to your revs that show you the revs you last used when retrying a level. This makes honing down your speed so much easier. Plus the pause screen gets a makeover giving you information on the current missions and challenges. The game is feeling awesome and all the fine-tuning and level balancing is really paying off.

We have to be crazy, the game’s working fine, gone under lots of testing and we’ve just made a huge change so that the main game scene is not reloaded between levels unless 100% necessary. This speeds up loading by 300% but plays havoc with code that relied on the scene being reloaded!