We are looking for some creative freelance artists that we can outsource work to, if that’s you contact us with your portfolio.

Unity3D experience is useful but not essential, we have work for GUI, 2D and 3D in game assets. If you can create a style and portray your vision then we will most likely allow you to put your stamp and identity into the products.

We are based in Bloxham Oxfordshire UK, but remote work is perfectly acceptable.

Contact us on

Please note that we do not use recruitment agencies.

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Thea: The Awakening Releases on XBox one and PS4

We are proud to announce that after considerable effort we are ready to release Thea: The Awakening on PS4 and XBox One. We’ve spent a lot of time converting the controls from the PC version into something that can be played easily with a pad and no cursor in sight.

Got a PS4 Pro? Thea runs beautifully crisp in full 4k at 60fps.

Available from 31st May, we hope you enjoy this unique strategy game.

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